3,000 km to build a chatbot

Eight students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands will travel 3,000 kilometers from their hometown to Sofia, Bulgaria, to raise money to develop a digital chatbot for patients with cardiovascular disease.

It is an interactive application for the prevention and early detection of disease symptoms. Most of the students in the group have no such experience, are quite inexperienced and will have to work hard to reach their destination, says the social “Heart to Handle”, which organizes this special trip.

The story behind the Heart to Handle team

Daphne Cullen founded Heart to Handle in 2013 after her father died of a heart condition. That’s when he decided to do something to raise money to find a drug to fight such diseases. Then, in the summer of 2014, she and four of her friends travelled by bicycle from Groningen in the Netherlands to Barcelona in Spain and raised €22,525.

Since then, every year, a group of students do this painful physical exercise to raise as much money as possible to fund research into the disease.

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The role of chatbot

The chatbot, which eight students will try to raise money this year, will be able to recognize the symptoms of the disease through the use of interactive methods, allowing a patient to see a specialist from the first moment. The technology of this chatbot is being developed by scientists (cardiologists) at the University of Groningen Medical Center (UMCG).

Aim to raise 30,000 euros!

The aim of the trip is to raise €30,000, which is necessary to allow Heart to Handle to fully support research and the creation of a chatbot to reach anyone who needs it.

The team of eight Dutch students is expected to arrive in Sofia on 3 August, with more information about their project available on the Heart to Handle website.

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