AeroMexico allows to track lost luggage by chatbot

AeroMexico was the first company in Mexico to offer customer service through a chatbot available in WhatsApp: Aerobot.

Now Aerobot will have the ability to inform users about their luggage automatically if they have been delayed, lost or damaged and without the need for an agent to verify the information.

When customers check in their luggage, airport agents will give them a triptych that includes the label, ticket number and suitcase number for the passenger, in case they want to track the luggage.

In case of loss or delay, the traveler can contact Aerobot through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and give the data of the tag number or ticket generated.

The chatbot will access SITA’s WorldTracer system, which is responsible for baggage handling worldwide, and will offer the situation in a few seconds. According to the company, 1.7% of users have some inconvenience with their luggage, where the majority is in terms of delays.

AeroMexico Chatbot

AeroMexico is the first airline in the world to offer this service at no extra cost and will be available on all flights, including interline, as long as the last airline to be transported is AeroMexico.

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