Aivo, a chatbot in BBVA

For a couple of years BBVA has had the help of a bot called Aivo within its system, which has been able to not only have solved the bank’s problems automatically and with 96% of effectiveness and in a span of a minute but the chatbot is also in charge of being in contact with customers digitally, which has improved the customer experience and BBVA’s rating has improved significantly.

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Aivo is that it comes from a company specialized in customer service solutions with artificial intelligence (AI), which after resounding successes with Other companies decided to work alongside the bank in order to improve their sessions with users and all with the best quality and speed of a chatbot.

The best-known case within BBVA banks is that of Argentina, which is an expert in using chatbots to lead large Latin American companies, where intelligent conversations take place with millions of customers who approach the chabot with the intention that I can answer a question for you in a matter of minutes.

Welcome artificial intelligence

This is why, looking at examples from other banks in other countries, BBVA decided to start implementing the use of bots in its system and thus attract its clients at the same time as the bank strengthens itself in the market.

“The virtual assistant was an initiative to comprehensively improve the customer contact experience, facilitating access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The idea was to offer the user who is browsing our website an agile and fast contact channel, enabling self-management with the aim of improving their experience with the bank and optimizing our service channels, “explains Christian Petruzzi, Service Manager at Customer at BBVA.

According to a study carried out within the company that created chatbots in Aivo, it was revealed that users prefer and interact better with programmed intelligence, since they solve their problems in a fraction of time.

“Customers pay more and more attention to the quality of service. They need to resolve their queries as quickly and easily as possible. In this way, they look for more value in the products and services they buy. Our purpose is focused on the real needs of clients: to provide the best solutions and help them make the best financial decisions, through an easy and convenient experience, “continued Christian.

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