Alexia, a Spanish chatbot for the elections

Chatbot Chocolate has created the first chatbot and voicebot that allows to know and compare the political programs with which the Spanish political parties go to the elections: Alexia. An interesting proposal for an electorate that declares not to know them in depth before going to vote. is very easy to use. Those citizens who have an smart home speaker in their home (any of the Google Home or Amazon Echo family) will only have to activate the voice assistant saying “Ok Google, open General Elections” or “Alexa, open General Elections”, respectively.

“To assimilate the political program of each one of the formations is a complex process due to the great volume of information that they contain. As experts in conversational technology, we see the need to facilitate this task, responding to specific issues through common tools such as WhatsApp or voice assistants on mobile phones and intelligent speakers,” say from Chatbot Chocolate.

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This chatbot is accessible through WhatsApp, Amazon Alexa and, soon, Google Assistant. For those who prefer a messaging app, the most convenient way to access it is by selecting the WhatsApp button on the website, which will automatically launch the conversation with the virtual assistant.

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