Amelia pretends to be the ideal employee

There are already companies, clients of Microsoft, who have hired Amelia for your IT, human resources, or recruiting and customer service department. And this in numerous sectors, among others: banking, insurance, telecommunications, medical care, retail, hospitality and the public sector. No wonder, as Amelia handles complex use cases in more than 100 languages, automating business processes and managing situations where users have multiple intentions.

The incorporation of Amelia allows vendors, Microsoft partners and customers easily integrate and leverage their conversational artificial intelligence into their businesses. Repeatedly identified as the leading intelligent virtual agent in the market by analysts such as Forrester, Everest Group and Ovum, Amelia has a cognitive intelligence that – unlike chatbot-based solutions or robotic process automation (RPA, for its ) – enables you to understand intention, change context, and naturally interact with your interlocutor in conversation, enabling you to collaborate naturally with humans and continually learn from each interaction.

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In addition, Amelia’s integration with business systems and applications and its management and analysis capabilities allow it not only to understand its interlocutor, but to execute and complete tasks independently. When more complex requests go beyond her capabilities, Amelia can transfer requests to her human colleagues, relieving them of redundant and repetitive tasks and focusing on more complex activities and higher value-added jobs for the company.

Customers and employees can communicate with Amelia through natural language (voice and chat) to solve computer support problems or to ask questions and get a solution. Amelia is omnichannel, integrates with Microsoft Teams and Skype, quickly answers questions and performs tasks by connecting to back-office applications, such as Dynamics365.

An IPsoft creation Developed by IPsoft a multinational specialized in artificial intelligence business solutions, Amelia is available at Microsoft Azure Marketplace the digital store to buy and sell applications and services certified to run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Ultimately, it is a virtual marketplace where companies seeking innovative cloud-based solutions find partners who have developed ready-to-use solutions.

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“We are delighted to become a Microsoft Technology Partner,” says Scott Kohn, IPsoft’s Channel Manager referring to this company’s adherence to Microsoft Partner Network. ” And she adds her satisfaction that “Amelia’s advanced conversational artificial intelligence capabilities are available, scalable, and easy to integrate for companies using Microsoft Azure. Being part of Microsoft’s network of partners, made up of certified, secure and optimized solutions to run on Microsoft Azure, is another great demonstration of IPsoft’s dedication to making Amelia the leading conversational AI solution for the business. ”

For his part, Sajan Parihar, senior director of the Microsoft Azure platform at Microsoft Corp, notes: “Through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers around the world can find, buy, and deploy Easily partner solutions you know you can trust, all certified and optimized to run on Azure. We are pleased to welcome IPSoft’s Amelia to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem. ”

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