Antidote Chatbot, a tool with great potential

The Hospital Pharmacy service of the Xerencia de Xestión Integrada de A Coruña (Spain) have developed a chatbot tool based on artificial intelligence that allows obtaining the information contained in the “Guide to Administration of antidotes” and which also incorporated the functionality of being able to perform different calculations.

This chatbot provides support in decision-making in the process of treatment of poisonings and is also a tool easy to access and use by different health professionals.

Why create an antidotes chatbot?

When it was proposed to digitize the “Guide of Administration of antidotes” of the Xerencia de Xestión Integrada de A Coruña, there were several objectives:

  • Digitize the guide in book format, on paper, and dynamize it in order to update it in real time.
  • To create a digital tool of easy access that allows the user to consult the information contained in this guide in any place and in a fast way to speed up the decision-making process in emergency situations such as the treatment of poisonings.
  • To increase the efficiency, quality and safety of the entire process of using medicines used as antidotes in the hospital.
  • Develop a tool that employs artificial intelligence
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Based on this, among several options, a chatbot system was selected as a solution because it constitutes a new technological tool based on artificial intelligence that allows an interaction between a user and a platform that contains previously defined information.

How was chatbot developed?

Antídotos’ chatbot was developed in multiplatform and is currently operative through the Telegram® instant messaging app, which makes it available to any health professional who has a smartphone type mobile device. It can be found under the name @Antidotos_bot.

The information contained in the Antidote Administration Guide was uploaded to the chatbot platform. In this case “intents” (questions) and “entities” (toxic and antidotes) were defined. Finally, the chatbot was trained until 100% of the answers obtained to the questions asked were correct (learning is gradual: 50-70-90-100%).

What are the functions of this chatbot?

The functionalities that it presents are:

  • List of antidotes available in the hospital
  • List of poisonings for which antidote is available in the hospital
  • Obtaining information about the antidotes available in the hospital for the treatment of poisonings (when searching for toxic it offers the antidotes available).
  • Obtaining detailed information on each antidote when consulted by active ingredient or by trade name, providing the same information contained in the paper format: active ingredient, indication, mechanism of action, dose and route of administration and observations.
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Why use the antidotes chatbot?

  • The chatbot @Antidotos_bot is an easy to access and use tool because it uses Telegram®, an instant messaging app with more than 200 million active users in April 2019.
  • The chatbot @Antidotos_bot supports decision making in the treatment of poisonings for different health professionals: the doctor when prescribing, the pharmacist when validating and the nurse when administering the medicine.
  • The development of chatbot @Antidotos_bot allows, therefore, the optimization of resources, the reduction of medication errors and improves the quality and safety of care in the process of treatment of poisonings.

In addition, it gives pharmacists greater visibility in the healthcare environment and greater professional prestige.

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