AVY, a healthcare chatbot from Avivo Group

Healthcare provider Avivo Group will launch the second phase of its artificial intelligence chatbot ‘AVY’ to eliminate patient waiting times at the group’s clinics and hospitals.

This “Patient Travel Enrichment Phase”, as they have called this second phase, will also integrate appointment schedules with clinical systems to give patients and their caregivers a basic knowledge of the specialty and medical problems.

With the launch of AVY’s first phase in mid 2018, the Avivo Group became the first in the health sector in the United Arab Emirates to introduce a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Its purpose was to help its patients 24 hours a day by adapting to their convenience and improving the process of patient participation, as well as making their experience more enjoyable.

Chatbot AVY interacts with patients and their caregivers through Avivo Group websites and social platforms. It helps them find doctors from different specialties, schedule appointments, locate specific Avivo Group clinics or hospitals, and gain seamless access to necessary treatments.

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In addition to reminding patients of upcoming appointments, this virtual assistant also directs them to the appropriate department or resource in an Avivo clinic or hospital. With the improvement of the second phase, AVY will further facilitate teleconsultation, payment procedures, etc.

“We have successfully implemented a customer service chatbot for all Avivo Group websites and social media platforms to improve the patient engagement process and the customer experience,” said Dr. Dilshaad Ali, CEO of Avivo Group.

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