Banco do Brasil allows make transactions through WhatsApp

Banco do Brasil announced that expanded the service of attendance by WhatsApp, adding the possibility of making bank transfers, recharge the cell phone and release the credit card.

The chatbot, which was being tested since May on WhatsApp, could already answer simple queries, such as balance and current account statement.

The technology, which was deployed a year ago for $ 14 million, is based on IBM Watson and was initially tested with Facebook Messenger. The service is done by a chatbot, so the questions can be answered immediately. Banco do Brasil explains that communication on WhatsApp can be done with natural language and the messages are encrypted from end to end.

How to do transactions on BB by WhatsApp

The service by WhatsApp has not yet been released for all users, but Banco do Brasil reports that the service “is expanding to a base of 3 million customers”.

First of all, you need to add the bank number to your contact list: (61) 4004-0001. Send any message; you will receive a reply saying that “we are in the testing phase with our employees and some customers”. The bank also says: “we have already noted your phone number as interested in participating in the next phase”.

Banco do Brasil Whatsapp
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The following transactions are already available to current users:

  • Transfers
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN) query
  • Mobile phone recharge
  • Card release
  • Current account balance
  • Current Account Statement
  • Savings statement
  • Savings balance
  • Statement of investment funds
  • Card Tracking
  • Card Invoice
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Just send a message to the robot saying what you want. To confirm your identity, you’ll need to tap the link sent by the service, inform your branch and account, enter your password and enter a code received by SMS or push notification. The transaction confirmation will be sent in text by the chatbot itself.

The chatbot is not a complete substitute for other channels, such as Internet banking. The bank explains that “if there is a need for human service, the customer will be served by a BB employee”.

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