Banks and Artificial Intelligence: Credem makes its chatbot with Google

Finalist in the Digital360 Awards 2019, the project includes a voice assistant called Emily on Facebook Messenger, developed with IT consulting firm Quix and based on Google’s cloud platform. The first step of the bank in the process of implementing new technologies.

Emily, Credem’s chatbot with Google

Her name is Emily and she is Credem’s new virtual assistant, active since July 15 in the institute’s Facebook Messenger channel. In particular, it is a chatbot, an artificial intelligence system that uses algorithms to provide answers to users’ questions. The project was selected among the finalists of the Digital Awards360 2019 for the category of intelligent work technology, document management and collaboration.

This tool offers customers an increasingly efficient and cutting-edge service and improves accessibility to the bank. The new system, active 24 hours a day, every day of the year, is part of the investments in innovation and technology that Credem has been making for years, also to meet the growing volumes of active users on social networks. In fact, in 2018, interactions on the institute’s Facebook page amounted to nearly 11,000, a sharp increase over previous years.

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In cases where the questions posed to Emily have a high level of specificity or require “human” analysis, it is always possible to request the intervention of a specialized operator. To create its own virtual assistant Emily, Credem used the artificial intelligence solution to understand the dialogues offered by Google and was integrated into the Credem systems thanks to the partnership with the IT company Quix.

Why Credem launches Emily’s chatbot

“Investments in innovation and technology have always been two of the pillars of our growth strategy,” explains Fabio Caliceti, Head of Digital Management and Credem Organization. “These elements are always focused on the continuous increase of the satisfaction of users’ needs and on the improvement of people, whether they are customers or colleagues,” added Caliceti. “In this sense, investments in people can be considered an additional pillar of the Group’s strategy,” concludes Caliceti, “which in the last five years has hired almost 1,500 people with a staff in constant growth and has invested a lot in training“.

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“This is certainly a first step in the path that Credem is taking in the application of new technologies,” adds Lorenzo Villa, Head of Direct Systems Information Systems of Direct Channels of Credem. “With this project, we have applied the use of artificial intelligence and automatic learning, through solutions in the cloud, to a service in direct contact with customers aware of the importance that these technologies can have on the quality and efficiency of our services,” continues Villa. “The development project in this area soon includes the launch of an important innovative experiment in vocal interaction“.

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