Carrascobot, a chatbot as businesses intermediary is called the project that wants to bring shops and services just a click away from the residents of Carrasco. The online platform works as an intermediary between users in the area and businesses through a chatbot (an automated chat).

Two weeks after its launch, it already gathers more than 400 proposals between shops and services that offer their products in the traditional garden neighborhood or that arrive with delivery, explained Joaquín Rodríguez, co-creator of the platform with Martiniano Sienra, director of the digital marketing agency Osom digital.

«I had the project in mind more than a year ago and I completed it now with Martiniano. My idea was to create a neighborhood chatbot, a platform that offers an automated conversation 24/7 so that any user who lives in Carrasco can search for information about a service or business that is actually in the area or arrives with delivery, without having to put filters previous. We had been working on it to launch it later, but the coronavirus accelerated the release,”added Rodríguez.

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Users can poll 400 options, mostly small businesses, and find location information, a phone number, and the company’s website. It covers from services, gyms, pharmacies, butchers, firewood, bakery, among many others. The majority (about 85%) are located in the same neighborhood and more than a third correspond to the gastronomic sector, such as restaurants. cafes and breweries. “We want to give a digital space to the smaller businesses, which may also be in the online environment,” said Rodríguez, who noted that being in the neighborhood is not exclusive in order to be a part, but rather arriving with shipments.

There are four options to integrate this “guide”. The free one, which allows you to publish a phone number and the company’s website. The payment options are in three modalities: $ 1,000, $ 800 and $ 500 per month.

«The payment options, in addition to these data, are promoted on our social networks and have the advice of the digital marketing company if they need it. The one of $ 500 with a monthly post, the one of $ 800 with three, and the one of $ 1,000 with five posts, plus mailing, first locations within their category and if they have any specific action or a new product, they promote themselves, “Rodríguez explained. . So far, 35% of businesses pay the $ 1,000 subscription.

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Two weeks after its launch, it reached a daily traffic of 100 people who mainly consult delivery services.

The development of the platform that offers the web and mobile web version (adapted for smartphones) is 100% in-house and is in charge of Osom digital. Despite the fact that traffic is 80% by cell phones, it is not in the plans to launch an app because, according to Rodríguez, it is not a daily necessity.

Ciudad de la Costa and Pocitos will have chatbot

Carrasco will not be the only one who will have his chatbot. According to Rodríguez, the plan is to expand the proposal and that each neighborhood has its own. The next to come out will be Pocitos, which will be ready in a couple of weeks and the third is Ciudad de la Costa, 15 days after Pocitos is presented. “In parallel to the new launches, we are working to expand the options within the platform, such as the garage sale platform, so that different users can offer their used products,” he added.

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