Chatbot in San Pedro improves communication with citizens

The chat bot in an innovative way to generate reports on damage in infrastructure of San Pedro Garza García entered into operation tripling on his first day the calls received from reports to call center sampetrino.

Faced with access to technology and a WhatsApp away, citizens can report flushed weeds or grass grown in public parks, among others damage all in less than 60 seconds.

In this regard, the head of the Ministry of Innovation and Citizen Participation, Dinorah Cantú, said that with these actions they seek to consolidate the concept of creating “super citizens” with greater participation, but also equipped with better tools. You encourage to positively transform your environment.

He also pointed out that the instructions of Mayor Miguel Treviño de Hoyos is that the inhabitants of the city make known the area of ​​opportunity for the authorities to fulfill their responsibility and attend to each of the reports .

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“We would like you to take advantage of ‘Sam’ and know that you have in your hands the power to transform your Municipality. It’s a matter of telling us, ‘attention’, here is an area of ​​opportunity. And our responsibility and commitment is to assist you.

At the cut of February 26 ‘Sam’ genre almost 3 times the amount of reports that the lime Center without displacing the other origins and with a evaluation of 4.6 out of a total of 5 rating by users.

That is to say on a gender day 125 reports compared to the 45 reports generated by The Municipal service telephone number.

“Sam-Petrino” is a new chabot for Whatsapp that from now on will attend immediately all the reports that citizens make. It is the first bot for Whatsapp in 8112121212 that is used in Mexico for these purposes, that is, from a town hall. There is no such thing in any city in the country.

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“The idea is to build together with our people a better, more participatory and intelligent city. In addition to closing digital gaps and reaching new generations of citizens, something that interests us a lot,” said Secretary of Innovation and Citizen Participation.

“The reception so far very positive. It is just the idea behind supercitizens, supercity,” said the municipal official.

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