Chatbots in mailing campaigns

Despite the fact that some companies are still skeptical about the use of chatbots, its expansion is inevitable. How to take advantage of them?

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective digital marketing channels. However, it is a fairly old tool, although surprisingly it still works and offers excellent results. Litmus studies indicate that the return on investment in this channel is 38:1.

However, in recent years, chatbots have gained a lot of popularity. They have proven effective and are known to generate a huge increase in sales and revenue. Thanks to their versatility, they can be used in many different sectors and fulfill diverse functions. Therefore, it is interesting for companies to combine both tools.

Improving online user experience

The development of new technologies is only possible if they have a reason for being. Otherwise, the novelty passes quickly. This has not happened with chatbots, whose popularity has increased considerably in recent years. Although some companies are still skeptical about it, its expansion is inevitable.

According to studies, this technology is really worthy of attention. A survey of 1,000 users of web pages, apps, search engines and messaging apps revealed that respondents face several problems:

34% of users find it difficult to navigate some websites;

31% did not receive answers to simple questions;

28% say they have difficulties finding the contact details and the hours of the company.

The conclusion is that users no longer receive what they want and, therefore, it is time for companies to adapt to change this situation. Be more flexible and listen to consumers.

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What are chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that are based on the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. This helps to understand what the user wants and provide them with relevant information. The tool reduces labor and provides quality customer service.

Channel combination

To know if the combination of these resources will be useful for you, before applying it, it is necessary to find out if chatbots will be of interest to your clients.

According to the report, 69% of customers prefer chatbots because of the ease of quickly interacting with brands and companies. Think about what tasks you want the tool to do for your business and study the statistics below. So you can understand if the chatbot will be useful for your company.

Chatbots know your target audience

Today, success accompanies companies that choose personalized interaction with their customers.

Chatbots can easily achieve this, as they are able to send personalized messages using user data and thus achieve the most meaningful interaction possible. It is a new generation tool that allows you to drill down and use demographic data and, at the same time, focus on the interests of consumers.

Design a communication strategy with users. Make sure that all messages use the same tone and take into account the concept of the brand. Also make sure the newsletter is well written: if it contains misspellings or misprints, it will negatively affect the company’s image. This way you will get a high quality text that will inspire confidence in users and will create a positive image of the company.

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Benefits of a chatbot

  • Helps get to know customers better, ensuring high-quality interaction with the target audience;
  • Many users no longer use email, so the use of chatbots is inevitable;
  • Helps to drive more traffic to the website;
  • Many people prefer to give information through chatbots, because email is less practical.

Tip 1: Don’t limit the options

Users are often reluctant to give their email, because they want to keep their inbox in order. People don’t like having to clean up a thousand unnecessary bulletins. So, before giving your email, they think several times if it really is necessary.

You must balance the relationship between effort and benefit. To get in touch with the user, offer them a practical way to do it. Keep in mind that each communication channel has its own characteristics. In view of the above, perhaps the easiest for consumers is to subscribe to the bot and receive notifications on social networks: the management of messages is much easier, it does not require so much effort and it is not necessary to clean the inbox.

For the best result, it is a good idea to place a pop-up banner with a subscription module that allows you to choose the interaction channel and that incorporates Messenger.

Tip 2: use all possible tools

Good news: Facebook is a flexible platform that allows you to use programming features. Thus, you can configure the newsletter in the way that is most practical and effective. Schedule the bot to invite users to receive new offers and useful content by email.

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Keep in mind that this method will only be truly effective if you design a content strategy that brings real benefits to consumers. This step will considerably increase the effectiveness of the chatbot.

Tip 3: Offer a more flexible helpdesk

Email interactions can be time consuming. In the modern world, users are used to receiving immediate responses and do not like to wait.

Therefore, it is best to provide a link to the chatbot after purchasing the product. In this way the user can receive immediate help, which will increase their satisfaction with the brand.


Chatbots are an effective way to communicate with consumers. They can be used in combination with other digital tools. It is a relatively new channel, so its use has not yet become widespread.

However, business practice and user experience indicate that it can and should be used. Apply the tips explained in this article to improve your internet activity. Remember that users don’t like waiting for long responses, and that using instant messaging and offering multiple channels of communication can increase the speed of customer interaction.

At the same time, the chatbot, as a method of distribution, allows the customization of messages, which is a key factor for the success of a company in the modern world.

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