Chatbots increase their presence during Covid-19

For example, due to the growth of e-commerce during Covid-19, the adoption of chatbots in companies is more common

The health crisis due to Covid-19 represents a challenge for companies to keep in touch with their clients, respecting the measures of social distancing and due to this, the adoption of The chatbots have been given in a faster way.

An example of this is the chatbot created by the World Health Organization (WHO) where users can consult doubts, figures and other information from the body about Covid-19 via WhatsApp.

Also Intelligent Chatbots together with Microsoft created a chatbot to solve frequent doubts about the virus based on articles from the WHO, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States and the Government de México, which can be found on Facebook Messenger.

E-commerce powers chatbots

However, another sector that has promoted its use is that of e-commerce. Pablo Estevez CEO of GUS, pointed out in an interview with Executive World that the pandemic has accelerated electronic commerce, since according to Kantar, e-commerce shows a 500% growth during the health emergency driven by habit changes in consumers.

“Consumers are buying more online than before, but those changes are causing a technological change in companies, as they are investing more in digital and this causes two things,” he said.

First, he mentioned, there is greater preparation by companies to have higher value chatbots and they invest in technological architecture. Second, according to Walker Consulting, 88% of companies compete for user experience. In this sense, with a greater growth of e-commerce, the important thing for companies is to guarantee a good customer service.

“What we are seeing is a beastly growth. To give you an idea, our main e-commerce companies were first seeing an 87% increase in traffic. Today they see up to 400%, and we see growth of inbound lead and e-commerce above 80 percent, “he said.

It is not only customer service

According to NDS Cognitive Labs there are several reasons why chatbots are the present of companies. From personal assistants, offering personalized attention, accepting payments in a conversation format, to improving communication with the client and its multichannel, this technology allows promoting and improving business services.

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For his part, Estevez considered it important not to focus only on the chatbot as an inbound channel, but rather to be proactive. The expert pointed out that they have seen insurance or fintech companies that acquire users through a chat where questions are asked.

“If the client does not buy at that moment, you directly retarge them by a chatbot. If the customer buys, send him the account statement at the end of the month; basically what we see is not to create a chatbot but a companion in your customer journey, “he said.

Finally, the CEO of GUS stated that chatbots seek to bring companies closer to the audience. Given this, he indicated that they have clients who have increased to 60% the number of contacts a user makes with the company.

“A traditional chatbot generates savings and reduces response times. Now when you see it as an inbound and outbound chat there is an increase in conversion of up to 25 percent. Our greatest success case has been a 766% increase in conversion and all that comes with saving and above all what we are looking for is a better user experience ”, he considered.

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