Chatbots to improve digital marketing strategy

Those days are long gone when, by means of the Turing Test, we could judge the ability of a machine to exhibit intelligent behaviour similar to that of a human being.

Currently, the development of technology is such that it is impossible to determine whether we are interacting with an AI or with a person. This technological advance has made chatbots and other similar tools impact different productive sectors, transforming the way we interact.

Therefore, it is essential for any marketing expert to know the benefits of implementing this technology for companies.

Chatbots and Marketing

Whether as a query tool or for more specific services, chatbots allow customers to perform all kinds of searches and answer questions immediately.

In fact, it is expected that by 2020, 85% of interactions with customers will be carried out without any human intervention.

7 reasons to use chatbots in your marketing strategy

1. Leverage the momentum of messaging applications

A recent Ubisend study shows that about 46% of users prefer to interact with businesses through messages, rather than other forms of communication such as mail or telephone.

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Not surprisingly, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have each reached 1.2 billion active users per month. One way to actively participate is by integrating chatbots with messaging services to drive our brand. Currently, there are more than 30,000 active chatbots integrated into Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, Wechat, Telegram, Skype and many more.

2. Optimize the customer experience

According to data presented by Microsoft, 66% of U.S. consumers feel more identified with companies that provide excellent customer service.

Also, 60% of purchases that do not materialize are due to poor customer service.

3. Being mobile

Optimizing a chatbot for mobile devices has multiple advantages. The main one is, of course, the scope.

By using chatbots it is now easier to get your brand to your customers, no matter where or when they are.

4. Get valuable information

Chatbots allow you to collect a large amount of data about your customers, including their buying patterns, consumption habits, how they interact with other brands, and so on.

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Use this data to your advantage, planning and modifying more effective marketing strategies.

5. Personalize the communication

Through the implementation of chatbots you can create custom ads. This is very important if we want to generate successful commitments with our brand.

In that sense, a chatbot is the one that best communicates the brand’s value proposition to its consumers.

6. Create proactive interactions

As it is a closer and more personalized interaction, the client feels more willing to get involved with your brand.

You can also use chatbots to assist the client at every stage of the consultation process. If the client feels accompanied, he or she will be more satisfied.

7. Boosting the brand beyond its limits

You can position your brand in different media, allowing users to interact actively with it.

There are several examples where some companies use creativity to allow customers this interaction with their brand, expanding its viral reach.

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