Fitur Know-How Chatbots Awards

The first edition of the tourist chatbots contest seeks to recognize the importance that chatbots are acquiring to help tourists on the journey. The organizers want to find the best solutions of conversational technology, national and international, by destinations and companies to improve the experience of tourists before, during and after the trip.

The jury formed by Fitur,, Segittur, Chatbot Chocolate, IBM and the Spanish Marketing Association has valued usability, user experience and cognitive capacity. In this first edition, 22 chatbots have registered, of which 60% corresponded to tourist services and 40% to destinations.

Best Tourist Guide Chatbot

Victoria la Malagueña, a chatbot developed by Malaga City Council and available in Spanish, aims to make tourists and citizens aware of Malaga, what can be done in the city, real-time information on buses and car parks, state of the beaches, agenda of events, etc.

This chatbot has been trained to offer satisfactory answers with more than 130 intentions that respond in dialogue format and is able to connect with about 60 systems: bus service, weather, news or parking status, among others.

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The jury has highlighted his ability to generate a satisfying user experience, since can make jokes and his personality is close and fun.

Best Tourist Services Chatbot

The Riu República chatbot, available in Spanish and English with 24/7 service can resolve any incident, doubt or question within the establishment, offering the user an immediate response, from requesting a clean towel, a room service or what time the restaurant opens.

Have several users and interactions, thanks to offering this service through the wifi portal. It has been integrated with approximately 60 different intentions and connected to different Riu hotel systems as PMS and Task Manager.

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