Gallo promotes its rosé wines with a chatbot

E. & J. Gallo Winery recently made use of messaging and a conversational tool based on artificial intelligence to promote, particularly in the United States, the company’s growing rosé portfolio.

The winery worked with Snaps to design and build a chatbot powered by AI “Rosé Your Way” to deliver a branded experience on Facebook Messenger.

Gallo needed to make direct connections with consumers to capture information about rosé’s preferred flavor profiles, when and how they consume rosé, and which existing rosé brands gained the most loyalty.

The objectives were to “engage personally with our consumers, offer them a usefulness in their purchasing decision” and use the knowledge gained to “further optimize our buyer marketing initiatives,” summed up Gallo CMO Stephanie Gallo.

The brand used targeted ads on Facebook Messenger and Newsfeeds, as well as Instagram, to promote the digital assistant to mobile users.

Gallo chatbot

Once engaged, consumers were guided through a series of questions designed to allow the chatbot to recommend the ideal roséwithin the Gallo brand portfolio.

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Gallo then approached consumers with personalized marketing content, including recipe matches for the recommended wine and a customer satisfaction survey.

The campaign, which ran from May to July 2018, attracted 25,000 consumers, and 90% of those who committed to the rosé recommendation guide completed it, according to partners. In addition, follow-up messages had an opening rate of 60%.

Data on rosé varietal preferences, consumption behavior and time have been used to help guide rosé purchasing and storage decisions and increase visibility of Gallo’s portfolio within retailers, as well as to increase consumer awareness, the brand confirms.

Naturally, Gallo is also using consumer connections to continue to send personalized and informed messages about new products and offers.

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