HARO, a chatbot in a japanese bank

The first batch of eight virtual banks in Hong Kong is expected to be officially launched before the end of the year, and several local banks are rushing to promote digitization.

Hang Seng Bank launched the artificial intelligence chatbot (HARO) early last year. Customers can use the banking service through voice control. They relaunched recently and added exchange services to customers. You can log in directly to the account in the dialogue interface and convert the Hong Kong dollar into 12 foreign currencies.

HARO can be completely operated by voice

Zheng Weizhang, head of digital banking at Hang Seng Bank, said that conversational banking will be the trend of the future banking industry. It is expected to continue to improve online service channels and online.

Imagine that all banking services can be carried out as long as you enter HARO in the future. He also said that HARO still relies on customer input to enter text messages, and the ultimate goal is to switch to full voice control. According to the information, HARO was launched in January last year and can now provide services such as checking account balances, small P2P transfers, bill payment and currency exchange.

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However, there are still many people who are not yet accustomed to dialogue with robots to deal with “real money”. Mr. Zheng said Hang Seng intends to strengthen the “life and service” channel. In addition to maintaining branch services, he also plans to launch the “Live Chat” service in the second half of the year. The Customer Service Officer can answer customers’ questions online and even provide banking services directly.

Although the trend of digitization of banks is irreversible, many banking customers still have to catch up with the “rejection” of financial technology, including some “friends” who do not operate online banking. Zheng Weizhang noted that the bank has deployed commissioners in 50 branches to help solve customer-related problems related to digital services. Each branch is expected to have two commissioners stationed in the future.

Source: HK01

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