How can hospitals take advantage of Artificial Intelligence?

The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software options has led different companies around the world to adopt digital solutions such as chatbots, to optimize your interactions with users. In the health sector, for example, customer service is one of the greatest challenges they must face, since thousands of users communicate, whether to schedule a consultation, renew prescriptions or request reports, among others.

In 2023 alone, there will be 2.8 billion interactions with chatbots in the health sector, according to the market research company, Juniper Research, becoming the main connection route between citizens and providers in this sector, because patients feel more comfortable using a virtual assistant to discuss their health care requirements than with a person.

“These virtual assistants interact with potential patients who visit the site, helping them find doctors, scheduling their appointments and giving them the general information of what they are looking for, transforming the way users engage with l health care systems,” says Gustavo Parés, CEO of the Mexican company specialized in Artificial Intelligence, NDS Cognitive Labs.

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A closer look reveals a wide range of use cases where virtual assistants could do make your next visit to the hospital, doctor’s office or pharmacy faster and more effective. According to NDS Cognitive Labs here are the different ways hospitals can use this tool:

Assistance with medical equipment

There are often simple questions that patients cannot Find a quick answer, for example where to get wheelchair service or where to get new oxygen cylinders. Hospitals and clinics can include data in the information they provide through a chatbot, so that patients are adequately informed when they need it and immediately upon request. In this way they can expand the resolved number of patient consultations, as well as streamline the appointment schedule.

On the other hand, medical equipment manufacturers also use virtual assistants to answer questions and concerns about their products and services, which speeds up and greatly increases the number of customer service calls they receive at Same time. This process saves them time and resources. An example of this is Premera Scout, a chatbot created by Premera Blue Cross, which helps users quickly know where they can get information about claims, benefits, or other services.

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Generation of potential clients

The health sector is also a business and requires a constant flow of clients to stay afloat and grow. In this sense, the use of chatbots on the website of hospitals, pharmacies, or laboratories can dramatically increase customer interaction with the company.

Clinics and hospitals can attract people looking for information related to medical services to their websites and start a conversation with them through a virtual assistant. In addition, a medical chatbot can offer patients access to treatment in the clinic or hospital, scheduling appointments instantly, because the interaction does not depend on a human schedule, and it can be so easy to carry out through a computer or cell phone of the patient.

For example, Northwell Health Hospital in New York is using chatbots to book appointments for colonoscopies, while providing information so that the patient knows what they need to be prepared and is more comfortable with the time. of the study.

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Medication information

Over time, medical knowledge continues to expand, as new drugs or treatments are created every time to care for patients. That is why an adequate understanding of technology and changes in treatments are necessary to be able to offer a quality service, especially with sensitive patients such as children, pregnant women or the elderly.

In this sense , a chatbot can be of great help to doctors and specialists, since they can access information about the dosage of the medication through a courier service, in order to guide the patient with the correct medication and thus avoid side effects.

SafedrugBot, for example, is a virtual assistant that offers doctors data through a chat, mainly from Telegram. It is able to search through the hospital database to find detailed information on drug guides using search queries based on the active ingredient or the brand name in question.

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