How to record WhatsApp calls?

Recording phone calls is simple, but when calls are made via WhatsApp it is something more complex, since the calling system it uses is different and there are not as many applications that perform the task.

WhatsApp does not natively support the recording of calls in its mobile or desktop versions, partly because the recording of telephone calls is not necessarily legal, it depends on the country and on whether the other is asked for permission or not person.

Callrecorder App

Today they have presented an application for android that is capable of doing it, and it is already available with early access.

This is Callrecorder, and it differs from the competition in several points:

  • Supports WhatsApp calls for a wide range of Android devices.
  • You can store your conversation and play it back when we need it.
  • Automatically detect calls and start recording (no button press required).
  • Use Artificial Intelligence to improve audio quality
  • You can, in addition to starting, stop recording automatically.

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