launches the first chatbot specialized in car renting

Direct personal contact in the commercial areas of today’s companies is changing. Digitization has brought about structural changes, including dealing with so-called virtual assistants or chatbots. Today’s customer finds dealing with an assistant of this type to be convenient and time-saving. It also allows the company to serve a larger number of customers simultaneously without coping with the productive capacity of the sales agents.

Currently, the preference of customers when carrying out their procedures is divided equally between personal and virtual treatment, but several studies suggest that, by 2020, chatbots will concentrate 85% of such procedures or interactions.

These forecasts have led the online car rental comparator to develop its own virtual assistant called Idoia, which is dedicated to improving the customer experience, informing them in detail about the offers available and helping them understand why renting is a more than viable option when purchasing a vehicle.

IDOIA, the first 24-hour renting chatbot

The incorporation of Idoia to the productive team of has been translated as a competitive advantage due to the exclusivity of this assistant. Developed with artificial intelligence techniques, data exploitation or “Big Data” and automatic learning or “Machine Learning” Idoia is able to reduce errors in business-user interactions, communicate naturally and provide a different experience when learning about renting.

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The long term objective that has been planned for Idoia is to be able to solve any doubt about renting and provide the customer with the optimal and personalized decision about the model of vehicle, the duration of the contract, etc. So this virtual advisor will be operational 24 hours a day on the website, thus giving the possibility to find out about renting regardless of time or place.

According to Eduardo Clavijo, CEO and founder of “We bet on incorporating the best technology to the service of our digital client. After launching the first renting comparator in Spain, we now bet on Idoia, a chatbot that allows us to help and advise our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s not about replacing our sales team but about offering the user a different way to get behind the wheel of their next new car“.

Why is a virtual assistant so important?

Renting is a growing sector, so far this year more than 20% of registrations in Spain have been registered for vehicles dedicated to renting. At the same time, the number of customers who acquire a new car through this model has increased significantly.

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As the sector grows it specializes, and the customer begins to demand more personalized solutions, this is where a virtual assistant enters as a distinctive competition capable of generating a competitive advantage. A more individualized offer gives the buyer more information, security and propensity to the final acquisition.

Idoia works as a bridge between the customer without information and the dealers who offer renting, making the former have technical data and knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of the model and, at heart, are able to make more precise decisions.

The trend towards renting is growing, so companies should move in the same direction. In have opted to do so through Idoia, which offers a different experience, more personalized and that, added to the effort of the team, gives the user a more appropriate treatment to the times.

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