JioChat criticized for cloning WhatsApp

When it comes to instant messaging applications, no there is no doubt that WhatsApp is the undisputed leader in this sector thanks to the wide variety of options that it offers its users to send not only text, but also share multimedia content with other users, although it continues to lose functionality with Telegram, everything is said of step.

This caused other applications with similar characteristics to emerge over time in an attempt to dethrone the position occupied by WhatsApp and become the new benchmark in the instant messaging applications sector. Even repowered alternative versions have emerged in Africa with unofficial characteristics.

However, despite the similarity of their functionalities, these applications have a design that allows the user to differentiate them from WhatsApp, although there is a company that seems not to have put much effort in trying to disguise the plagiarism committed against the giant of the messaging.

This is the main telecommunications operator in India, Reliance Jio who seems to have made the plagiarism of popular applications his premise, investing millions of dollars in this cause in which a few weeks ago they were pointed out by her JioMeet application by accusing her of being a copy of the Zoom tracing.

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This time Reliance Jio has added a new accusation of plagiarism to its list with JioChat an application whose appearance and functionality are considered a blatant copy of WhatsApp.

Despite being the subject of recent allegations, JioChat has been part of Jio’s application list since the first days the company was established.

However, JioChat went through a series of updates in its appearance resulting in an application that is inevitable not to think about WhatsApp when viewing its interface.

Two drops of water

And it is that while JioMeet managed to be a perfect copy of Zoom, the updated version of JioChat is slightly less accurate in its WhatsApp playback, although it presents essential elements of it such as the tabbed home screen and its unmistakable green tone.

When looking at the images and contrasting the appearance of both, it can be seen how the tabs in the top menu are practically identical, including the camera icon and the arrangement of the application name to the left followed by the drop-down menu located on the right.

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