KLM informs about its flights via Whatsapp

KLM is getting into the car of autonomy with Family Updates. The service, which was launched in December, sends automated messages about departures, arrivals and flight delays to Whatsapp groups created by KLM customers.

Friends, family or co-workers will know about your flight, whether it has landed or been delayed. KLM has introduced an automated family update service in Whatsapp.

To take advantage of this service, you must receive your boarding pass through Whatsapp. Once you have done this, you will receive an invitation to use the KLM Whatsapp service free of charge. KLM will send a message to friends and family of participating passengers as soon as the flight has departed.

Immediately after landing – even before the passenger has Wi-fi or data roaming – they will receive another notification. If a flight is delayed, group members will also be informed.

In addition to these proactive automated messages, group members can also ask KLM about the progress of the flight.

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For now, the service is only available in English.

KLM has been communicating through Whatsapp since September 2017.

Customers can ask KLM questions through a verified Whatsapp merchant account. Upon request, the airline also sends passengers reservation confirmation, check-in notification, boarding passes and other flight information.

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