Mastercard launches Caribbean chatbot

Technology giant Mastercard is using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the customer experience by introducing a Facebook chatbot in the Caribbean. The chatbot is currently available in all countries throughout the region.

“Innovation is within Mastercard’s DNA, not only within our products and services but also in the way we connect with our cardholders. We are committed to using technological advances to improve our products or services, especially in terms of the customer experience. The chatbot will improve customer service, allowing us to offer constant assistance at any time of day and offer solutions and respond to concerns immediately,” said Luis Araujo, Director of Marketing and Communications, Mastercard Caribe.

Social networks, and specifically follower sites, have strengthened the relationship between companies and customers, thanks to the communication efficiencies they offer, including convenience and speed. Every day, Mastercard’s Facebook page receives many messages from customers and people interested in its products or services.

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Mastercard’s chatbot optimizes the customer experience, generating greater efficiencies by automating and optimizing communication. Mastercard is now able to interact with each user faster and more effectively, offering 24/7 responses and facilitating product information and offers to customers through the most widely used social platform.

Once a visitor to Mastercard’s Caribbean Facebook page clicks on the ‘send message’ button, the interaction begins. The chatbot has the ability to go beyond answering frequently asked questions and solving problem issues. It can only serve as a discovery tool where customers can learn more about Mastercard’s complete set of products and services and how to access them. This includes inquiries regarding card options, benefits, card activation, promotions and experiences in the Caribbean and around the world.

Chatbot is currently active on Mastercard Facebook.

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