Medcare launches chatbot to improve patient care

Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres (Medcare) has launched its new “virtual health assistant” chatbots to improve the way patients in the UAE region access health services.

These Medcare healthcare assistants are the first and only chatbots in the region that allow patients to manage all aspects of their online appointments, including booking, rescheduling and cancellation, enabled by real-time integration of the backend database.

The two new healthcare assistants use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to learn about the patient and personalize responses and provide accurate information in real time.

Patients can also view lab reports online, check insurance coverage at their convenience, and locate the nearest Medcare center to ultimately optimize the patient’s travel for timely treatment.

Medcare’s market research found that 41% of patients indicated the need for an end-to-end online solution that would allow and empower them to take control of their personal health care travel.

Real-time database integrations, AI and automatic learning have merged to produce a first-line chatbot platform with a turnkey implementation that has built on the market’s predecessors, combining best practices and patient feedback to ensure that Medcare’s chatbots are more advanced and fully optimized to make the best use of available technology.

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