Mila, a chatbot to boost sales

Mc Luhan Consulting, a company specialized in consulting, development and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), presented Mila, its chatbot designed mainly for sales processes.

Mila is integrated to the registry flows, lead capture and digital sales in general. “People increasingly use chatbots based on artificial intelligence, from organizing calendars, ordering food and planning vacations, to interact with your bank or make claims. IA is moving toward everything and everywhere,” explained Andrea Mandelbaum, president of Mc Luhan Consulting.

Mila is a cognitive digital assistant that in this case, has a special focus on retail, insurance and banking industries. “Although Mila supports typical customer service and support processes in these industries, it was designed with a particular focus on sales processes and integrates seamlessly with registration flows, lead capture and digital sales in general,” said Mandelbaum.

Mila is ideal, according to this executive, for companies (large or small) that are beginning to walk the path of IA.

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