NBA creates ‘chatbot’ to personalize fan experience through Facebook

The NBA has partnered with GameOn, a platform that has developed technology to allow every fan to choose what content to follow. The application is already available through Facebook Messenger and will allow the sponsoring brands to better understand the tastes and trends of the competition’s fans.

The app works like a bot through Facebook chat, constantly sending notifications with the content priorities previously selected by each user. In this way, each fan can choose whether they want to see match highlights, summaries, news updates, match previews, gifs or other live notifications.

“The NBA has worked tirelessly to expand its international reach through new formats that are accessible to everyone,” said Kalin Stenojev, co-founder and product manager for GameOn.

“NBA fans now have a new tool to stay connected to the league through smartphones in a more immersive and dynamic way, taking control of content and their interaction with the league,” he added.

“The NBA chatbot provides a new way to interact with NBA fans in whatever way they see fit, through a totally personalized experience,” said Coleen Kane, NBA director of new technologies.

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The application, which has previously been associated with the PGA Tour and the NHL, hopes to capture more sporting competitions in the short to medium term, with which to work on customizing content.

The software has been developed entirely by GameOn, and connects directly to the content systems of each competition and their databases, allowing for more accurate profiling and needs of each consumer.

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