Propenda builds chatbot for real estate market

Real estate sites are already in full swing, but Propenda can still make a difference in this market. With their unique algorithms, they ensure the perfect combination between property and buyer. Sergey Dergachev talked about it.

Shaking up the real estate sector

A new search engine for the real estate sector, that’s what Propenda’s project is all about. “In fact, we launched our new search portal earlier this year,” says Sergej. We want to greatly simplify the online sales process within the real estate sector. The first Google Analytics figures already show that there is interest and potential.

AI matches buyers with properties tailored to their wishes

Artificial intelligence is the engine behind the new search engine. “Our algorithms recommend consistent experience and personalized advice based on user behavior. For example, if you are looking for an eco-friendly home, you will be presented with this in an easily accessible way in an accessible market. We bring together thousands of professionals and individuals. With this, we have an artificial assistant who will give personalized suggestions based on the behavior, conversation, preferences and ecological participation of each user. Our intelligent assistant only suggests the properties you are looking for”, says Sergej.

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Chatbot makes it easy

Propenda takes the real estate agent out of the game? “Of course, professional real estate agents still have a role, but with our intelligent chatbot that we are currently implementing, we are taking on a part of the task and face-to-face contact is not always necessary. Our online wizard immediately suggests the right properties, so you no longer have to go to a broker’s office first or browse hundreds of properties yourself. You can simply communicate with the chatbot in your own words and you will understand. For example: “I’m looking for a house in Antwerp”. Our intelligent software understands this and asks additional questions, so you get a very personalized offer“.

Not only private individuals belong to Propenda’s target group, the real estate agent can also benefit from it. “Through a tracker or XML, we can load real estate agents quickly. In addition, they can have their own space on Propenda with the necessary brand“.

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Additional capital for further growth

At Propenda they already have big plans with their intelligent software. “We are currently focusing on the Belgian market, but we see it internationally. For now, I develop a lot myself, with the support of two external developers, but we want to scale quickly. Of course, there are already many markets for real estate, but with our artificial intelligence we have a distinctive character. In the meantime, we have already invested around €300,000 in Propenda, but we are still looking for additional investments“, Sergej concludes.

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