Sage launches a chatbot for employees about the coronavirus

Sage launches the first virtual employee assistant with access to all key information about COVID-19. An accounting and finance chatbot is transformed… into a virtual assistant to communicate about the coronavirus!

Sage, a leading multinational in cloud business management solutions, has developed a virtual assistant so that employees are informed of everything that happens around Covid-19 . The chatbot is a state-of-the-art implementation of Sage that helps to alleviate the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the virus and which adds to the internal communication measures already implemented by the company since the state of alarm began, initiatives among which the implementation of virtual talks given by the NGO Psychologists Without Borders on mental well-being stands out.

Pegg, which was originally Sage’s accounting and financial management chatbot, has adapted and focused to provide information, not only on the aspect of the disease itself, but on what protection implies and well-being of employees, as well as the procedures and actions that companies must take at all times to manage the relationship with their employees and offer service and support to customers.

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The chatbot has more than 200 questions that collect 100% of the information that the company has collected in all its channels (intranet, website, newsletter, etc.), and 96.7% of possible answers based on all the questions that employees have asked about the Covid-19 through the company’s different channels. Thanks to the use of the most advanced cognitive services on language storage and processing, the chatbot has the ability to expand and update responses as the situation on the pandemic changes, as well as provide information of interest to the 1,200 employees with whom it talks and to which provides help, advice from the authorities and corporate measures taken by the company.

“It has been an exciting challenge for us to be able to use Pegg, the chatbot we developed to help SMEs with their financial management, as an aid tool during the situation caused by the Coronavirus . Artificial Intelligence not only actively helps people, but it is also capable of benefiting companies and employees both in terms of productivity and in terms of quality, well-being and safety, “says Susana Duran Sage’s Director of Emerging Technologies.

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“The implementation of this technology – adds Susana Duran – has been taking place in small steps, some even so imperceptible, but necessary, that may not even be classified as AI, but that are actually transforming the day-to-day of companies . This is the future. “

Internal communication against the coronavirus

Since the state of alarm began, the Health & Safety area of ​​Sage has informed employees at all times, both internally and externally, of the situation of the coronavirus . In this sense, updates and warnings have been issued regularly and periodically, and a series of protection and care measures have been shared internally against possible contagions. In turn, employees have been informed about how to enhance work from home, as well as general well-being and mental health guidelines from specialist psychologists.

Likewise, online sessions and training sessions focused on adapting to telework, enhancing relationships with virtual teams, and reassuring and improving their physical and mental well-being have been promoted . An example of this are the TEAMS sessions in small teams on mental well-being given by the Fundación Psicología Sin Fronteras, highly valued by all employees.

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Flexibility and responsible commitment

Flexible forms of work have been widely implemented in Sage for years as a benefit for the reconciliation of work and personal life. To protect their health and that of their families, 100% of Sage professionals in Spain have been teleworking since before the state of alarm was decreed by the Government.

Customer service is also 100% guaranteed. All the company’s management systems are hosted in the Cloud and are certified as Tier 4 (maximum security level).

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