Space Challenges, an educational chatbot from Viber

Viber, the messaging platform, has launched a Space Challenges educational chatbot. The mission of Space Challenges is to help develop a future generation of young scientists and technologists.

Viber Space Challenges’ chatbot involves users in a series of missions and access to exclusive Viber communities in which other space enthusiasts, as well as world-class industry experts, will participate in cosmic debates about the major space challenges ahead.

Viber Space Challenges’ chatbot seeks to engage and enthuse young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through space exploration.

Space lovers can immerse themselves in an interactive environment with hundreds of hours of video content that offers users two modes:

  • Campaign missions to gradually travel through the stories of six unique characters;
  • A Mind Map that allows direct access to a selection of themes and spatial units.
  • Completing space missions allows users to advance into their own space colony and earn medals.

Only successful space cadets who have completed their missions have access to the exclusive Viber Communities, where they can immerse themselves in deeper conversations about Space Sciences, Engineering, Biology, Exploration, Applications and Robotics.

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