Telegram will include bigger files

Telegram allows, unlike other messaging networks, to send huge files to other people and Groups: The current limit is 1.5 Gb, making it possible to distribute even videos of more than two hours in high resolution, all from within an apparently discreet chat system.

But the power of Telegram in this sense does not stop there, in the new version 6.3 we will be able to send files of up to 2 GB, have a video as a profile photo and improve the quality of the skin of our selfies.

As far as the new file limit is concerned, it applies to conversations as well as the unlimited cloud storage that is offered. This can be very useful in accounts created for backups, video editing and distribution of multimedia material.

In the profiles part we will have videos that replace the usual profile photo. We can upload a video from the mobile or computer, or record one immediately with the camera. Once the video has been selected, we must choose a cover image, which will be shown in conversations and contact lists. The video itself will only play when the other party clicks on it, it doesn’t constantly play.

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In the world of filters Telegram now shows a slider to soften the skin in the media editor, and can be applied to both photos and videos. It is only a first step for a range of filters that will be launched and improved in the future.

On the privacy side, Telegram will now be able to automatically archive messages from people who are not on our contact list, which will help to keep our inbox always clean.

They are just some of the novelties of this new version 6.3, full of new functions for fans of this excellent platform.

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