Tricolor Auto Group Launches Conversational Commerce for Hispanic Auto Buyers

Tricolor Auto Group is a company that sells and finances high quality, certified used motor vehicles through its premium brands, Tricolor Auto Group in Texas and Ganas Auto Group in California. “One of our goals is to make it easier for Spanish speakers to buy a car and get reliable, reliable service, which can be a complex and confusing experience,” said Mauricio Delgado, Tricolor’s product and strategy manager.

That’s why LivePerson Automotive, a division of global conversational trading solutions provider LivePerson, Inc. (LPSN), today announced the launch of its first WhatsApp implementation for this group of car dealerships, along with web and mobile messaging.

The addition of LivePerson Automotive’s messaging solutions for automotive purchasing and service, including WhatsApp as a messaging channel, offers bilingual agents the opportunity to connect with buyers and owners in a messaging channel widely used around the world.

Consumers familiar with the Ganas brand choose to send messages to agents via the WhatsApp icon on their website, both on desktops and mobile devices.

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WhatsApp’s wide variety of messaging features make it an excellent choice for auto purchases, where dealers benefit from sharing resources such as photos, vehicle history reports, business valuations, and even credit applications with buyers directly in messaging conversations.

“WhatsApp is the messaging application for the Latino community,” Delgado said. “We knew we needed a strong WhatsApp business service provider to help us engage our consumers in the communication channels they were already using. LivePerson Automotive offers our customers many messaging options with us, from web and mobile messaging to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp”.

Mark Schmitz, director of customer advocacy for Tricolor, said that in addition to its wide range of messaging channels, Tricolor chose the LiveEngage platform over other messaging solutions because of its rich capabilities for business development centers (BDCs), such as its concierge group in Tricolor.

“LivePerson’s reporting, analysis, sentiment analysis and intent analysis technologies are robust,” says Schmitz. “Because we leverage data extensively to provide the best experience for our customers, LiveEngage will help us link conversational analytics with our quantitative data and make the shopping experience more beneficial to our customers and more productive for our agents“.

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