TrueUp organizes an accounting chatbots challenge

TrueUp, a creator of gaming-based learning platforms, organized
last year a challenge of the accounting and finance blockchain. This year repeats but with the creation of chatbots for accounting processes. It has partnered with the Houston CPA Society (TXCPA) in Texas.

“Robots can be a great help in automating some of the most routine accounting tasks, freeing accountants to do more meaningful work. We knew this would be a wonderful learning opportunity for both our students and professionals. We see this as a way for students to help showcase their creativity and for professionals to see examples of how bots can improve their skills.” -said Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA, director of innovation, TXCPA Houston.

TrueUp will provide participating students with both educational materials and tools to design, develop and implement their own accounting chatbot.

This includes a checklist for defining the chatbot, a template for designing the conversation, how to set up chatbot questions and answers for the human, and access to a bot-builder platform where students will deploy their chatbot in TrueUp’s Bot Lot.

Participants do not need to have previous knowledge of chatbots, as TrueUp provides all reference materials that assume the beginner level.

Professionals from accounting firms will evaluate each student’s accounting chatbot by receiving TrueUp reference materials and templates designed to help companies evaluate how to innovate with chatbot technology and use it to support their customers.

Students and teachers must register by March 23 and the challenge begins on April 1 when students receive the complete package of instructions and access to chatbot tools.

Professionals can register anytime until April 15 and will receive access to chatbots throughout the month of May. Register at

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