Vinte’s sales chatbot strategy

Selling through digital channels has become one of the important elements in the innovation strategy that Vinte has been promoting for some years.

Today, in the face of the contingency generated by Covid-19 that vision has allowed the company to maintain the operation and avoid the negative effects derived from the isolation measures.

Virtual Tours and Chatbot

In this scenario of health emergency, as part of the actions undertaken by the firm to maintain care for families, Vinte has enabled the option of virtual tours of its various housing models; in addition, it has launched a virtual consulting channel, which includes video chatting with the firm’s certified advisors and the strengthening of its Chatbot, which is an automated channel for solving customer queries.

This commitment to innovation that Vinte undertook for years, according to Sergio Leal today, in the face of contingencies, allows the company to be better prepared to face the stage.

“At Vinte we have continuously promoted innovation and technology. Today we have managed to capture the achievements derived from these innovations in a significantly greater way than we would have thought, “he indicated.

According to the 1Q2020 report, 54% of the influx of Vinte buyers has come through digital channels; in addition, 35% of the sections, as well as 29% of the executed deeds, were derived from clients who came digitally.

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Vision in technology

It should be noted that this digital bet had already been generating results for the firm. In 4Q2019 alone, 22% of Vinte’s influx was through digital channels.

“Key example of innovation and technology is the sale by digital means. Last week we broke our own records of influx through digital media, reaching 54% of the total influx in Vinte; 35% of the sections, and 29% of the deeds that were carried out were generated through clients that came digitally (compared to 21% a few months ago). Today, the entire process can be carried out virtually (including tours of developments and homes)”.

Our chatbot made its first six sales this month, after 2.5 years of starting the first version of Chatbot (with continuous improvements in the inter towards digital intelligence)”.

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