Vueling launches its chatbot

Travelers, all aboard, because Vueling brings news. Summer is approaching and it’s time to go on vacation, travel and disconnect. In this context, Vueling want to give us a pleasant surprise before we pack. The company has announced an investment of more than 30 million euros for this year in digital innovation and data processing. The purpose of this investment is to achieve a perfectly digitalised company. In this context, Vueling launches its chatbots with a strong commitment to AI.

Vueling does not want to be left behind and this is its way of taking off. The high-flying company wants to find solutions for the day-to-day, but always with an eye on tomorrow, as they are aware that the world changes rapidly, and the goal is to adapt to these changes and be ahead of its competitors. The presentation of the bot has been carried out by Jorge Saco, responsible for the financial and innovation area, during a meeting with the press.

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But that’s not all, and 30 million euros give a lot. Another of the points that the company wants to try is the creation of open innovation ecosystems, mainly in Barcelona, home of the headquarters of the company. Its goal is neither more nor less than to become the first low-cost company in relation to the client. That is why it does not stop innovating, as they already did when they launched their mobile app that allowed selling and billing tickets, being pioneers. Now, they want to use artificial intelligence to make life easier for their customers.

For the moment, they have designed tools to manage problematic situations such as “Do it yourself” or “E-Voucher”, which consists of a system through which you can exchange coupons from your mobile for food or a room. One of the projects in which they are working from Barcelona is a chatbot to help customers bill or solve any mishap. In addition, they have stated that they are working on facial recognition and in different ways to ensure that your suitcase meets the standards required to carry it in the booth from your mobile phone.

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“In Vueling’s DNA there is a large percentage of innovative cargo. We were born as a start-up that introduced many changes, especially here in Barcelona. Now, 15 years later, we want to continue being a reference in our sector” says Saco.

These are just some of the novelties that Vueling wants to bring throughout this year, but there are many more. Some will see the light before, others after, but one thing is certain: conversational technology is one of the first steps towards digitizing the company.

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