WhatsApp Business adds QR codes

The messaging app will allow you to start conversations with companies by scanning a QR code.

The coronavirus crisis has never brought about a digital transformation seen so far. The search for new formats based on “zero contact” with supports and physical tools has led establishments, shops and premises to innovate in their sales processes. In this sense, WhatsApp has added QR codes for companies so that consumers and customers can start a conversation.

Throughout the last years we have experienced how the QR code has been used by companies and businesses to facilitate, for example, the download of an app or open a specific promotion. Now, what WhatsApp proposes to us is that users can directly start a conversation with a company by scanning a QR.

The operation is very simple. After scanning the QR code, a conversation starts on WhatsApp with “ an optional message predetermined by the company to start the conversation ”. In this way, companies and users can start a conversation in seconds, without having to save the company’s contact.

“For example, Oaxacanita Chocolate, a brand of chocolates in Oaxaca, Mexico, that It helped us to test this feature, it is planning to place QR codes in the promotions of its retail partners’ stores, as well as in its packaging ”, they highlight from WhatsApp.

This functionality is available from 9 of July for companies that have the application of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API tools used by large companies but also by SMEs.

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How can companies view their QR code?


  1. Open WhatsApp Business and have z click on the option of “More options”.
  2. Next, select the option of “Company settings” and “Direct link”.
  3. Finally, press “View the QR code” to the code that you will have to use appears.


  1. Open WhatsApp Business and click on the “Settings” option.
  2. Next, select “Tools for the company.”
  3. Press the “Direct link” option in ADVANCED TOOLS.
  4. Finally, press “ QR Code “ to display the code.

The announcement of this news has also served the company to revive the option of” product catalog “that it had already enabled for a few months.

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