WhatsApp Business Advantages

We propose the advantages of WhatsApp Business, the tool for companies that you can already use in your business.

You wonder what are the advantages of using WhatsApp Business? You are not the only one, and when you start using WhatsApp as a communication channel with audiences (whether they are consumers, employees, customers or citizens), there are many doubts about how to start using it. To go deeper into this, we are going to analyze what its advantages are and what keys you should take into account when using WhatsApp Business for your company, especially, compared to the WhatsApp that we all use on a personal basis.

Profile Company

This is the main advantage of the tool you will stop using your private WhatsApp, email or landline to start using an instant messaging account exclusively designed for your business. Include your business address, website, phone number or your company logo as an image.

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In summary, thanks to this new app, you have the possibility of branching 100% the experience that your users will receive when contacting you through this channel.

Quick responses

Don’t you know what quick replies are? As always, let’s look at putting it in situation and with examples. If after several weeks using this channel you identify that 80% of the questions your users ask you repeat themselves frequently, you can create automatic messages that help you manage the response to those frequent messages. Through the command “/” you will be able to manually execute the quick replyes that you have designed and respond with the exact answer.

NOTE! We are not talking about a NLP system that understands that the user’s question is “how much does your service cost” and based on that it responds with the quick reply that you have stored. NOO! . It is a purely manual system:

  1. You design a typical answer for a series of frequently repeated questions.
  2. When you, managing conversations completely manually, identify one of these questions, you write the command “/ closing time” (for example) and when you click on it, the app returns the user the message you had previously created.
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How can you imagine these quick answers what you allow is to manage more automatically and efficiently the volume of questions that your users can ask you. Of course, all manually.

Automated messages

For exceptional situations, for example, when you are outside of business hours, WhatsApp Business allows you to send an automatic message. Another example of an automatic message is the response to the first message that the user sends us. It could be something like “ hello, we have received your message and as soon as we have a gap we will attend to you “.

Needless to say, all these messages have been previously fixed by the owner of the WhatsApp Business account.

Organize your contacts

By using tags, WhatsApp Business allows you to classify your contacts by different terms. Thanks to this option it will be easier to identify them in case they write to you again and, of course, find them when you want to start a conversation with them. For example, we could classify them by:

  • Suppliers.
  • Pending payment.
  • Paid.
  • New consumer.
  • Others.
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Although this work is manual, if your business is not very large and we are not talking about serving hundreds of users daily, it is a functionality that can help you know at what point of the commercial relationship you meet that user.

Finally, we remember that WhatsApp Business is not the same as WhatsApp Business API and that you can have WhatsApp Messenger (that is, the normal one) and WhatsApp Business installed on the same device.

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