Whatsapp Business synchronizes with Facebook Page company

Facebook is adding a plus to those companies that use WhatsApp Business to connect with their customers.

Starting with the last update, companies will be able to link the information on their Facebook company page directly to WhatsApp Business. A dynamic that brings multiple benefits.

This will save companies time since they will not have to duplicate the information they update on the dynamics of their business. Data such as the location of the premises, contact information, customer service hours and other information established on the Facebook page will be synchronized with the WhatsApp Business account.

And on the other hand, it offers an extra in the company’s marketing strategy, since it allows the use of “click ads to WhatsApp”. In other words, the “Send message” button is added to the ads that are published on Instagram or Facebook so that potential clients automatically start the conversation in the WhatsApp app.

The only requirement to synchronize business information between the two apps is to have the latest versions and enable some settings in the configuration (from Company Settings > Linked accounts) following the steps that details in Facebook.

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Those who do not have a company page on Facebook, but want to take advantage of this dynamic, can create it by following the instructions of Facebook Help Center and then link it to the existing WhatsApp Business account. This new option is already being implemented as of today together with the update of the latest version of WhatsApp Business.

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