WhatsApp for delivery companies

The delivery company launches a chatbot on WhatsApp to manage shipments and queries.

The use of WhatsApp in parcel companies is already a reality. Yes, Envialia, Spanish company specialized in sending packages, launches a chatbot on WhatsApp Business with the aim of attending to and solving frequently asked questions from its clients through this environment.

Information about shipments, the nearest service centers or knowing the conditions and rates of the services they offer are some of the questions solved by this first version of the conversational assistant that the delivery company has launched.

Available functions

The functions available in the bot are currently limited. Although some of them lead to more options, the truth is that the navigation tree is quite limited, something common in projects that are found in early development phrases.

At the moment, and as we previously highlighted, these are the functionalities that it has enabled:

  • My nearest Service Center (CS).
  • Shipping and tracking information.
  • I want conditions and rates.
  • I want to work at Envialia.
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Without a doubt, the shipping and tracking functionality becomes one of the most powerful options. Home deliveries are more and more frequent (even more after COVID-19), therefore having an automatic system that is capable of offering information on the status of the order through the most used app It becomes an option that will be increasingly in demand.

And, if you already offer this service via the web, why not also bet on this channel? Your users will thank you without a doubt.

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