WhatsApp for veterinary clinic

How to use WhatsApp in a veterinary clinic? Automating WhatsApp in your veterinary clinic is possible thanks to Chatomático. We explain all the keys to you.

If you have doubts about how to use WhatsApp in a veterinary clinic, you are in luck, throughout this article we will go deeply into this use case. As we have commented on other occasions, the potential of automation in WhatsApp reaches small businesses thanks to tools with which to make orders, manage reservations and take appointments from clients, solve frequently asked questions, etc. automatically and with minimal cost.

But let’s focus on what really interests us, how can veterinary clinics use WhatsApp? What actions can automate? How should it be done? If you do not know much about the world of automations via WhatsApp or chatbots, some doubts may arise that Here we leave you a series of points to consider:

Frequently asked questions

This is undoubtedly functionality is the most famous. Being able to automatically answer the most frequently asked questions related to our business is key to saving time and offering prompt and positive attention to our user. Some of frequently asked questions related to our clinic could be:

  • Office hours.
  • Services and products they offer.
  • Location Clinic premises or premises.
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In addition, a number of questions related to exceptional situations or common doubts regarding animal hygiene or care could be automated . For example, what to do if my pet has been burned with a cigarette butt in the park?

Appointment booking

Manage your clients’ appointments by phone or force them to stop by the clinic to reserve are less and less used practices. Since these types of venues use WhatApp, the messaging app becomes the center of interactions. But, as we have been commenting, doing it manually is tedious and causes us to waste a lot of time.

Sell products

Consequently, you will offer a much more satisfying experience to your consumers that will result in an increase in reservations. that you also sell specialized products .

In that case, you can automate the sale of the products, as if it were a ecommerce . In this way, your customers will be able to place orders for pick-up or at home without the need to wait in the premises for you to attend them or without having to leave the sofa at home.

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