Whatsapp helps you find parking in the City

The lack of adequate signage, continuous changes, and intense traffic at all times, make the City of Buenos Aires a difficult place for drivers, especially to get parking. But now, through WhatsApp, the City government developed a chat that will alleviate that moment that can sometimes be stressful.

With the aim of reducing the number of infractions , and at the same time provide a solution for motorists looking for spaces to leave their vehicles, the Buenos Aires government developed “Boti”, the chatbot that lets you know, in real time, where parking is allowed.

This bot exists for several years on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram . However, it achieved massiveness when it arrived at WhatsApp, which is present in more than 95% of Argentina’s smartphones.

To add Boti to WhatsApp is very simple. All you have to do is add the number 11-5050-0147 to contacts. Once the number is added to the phonebook, the user can send queries via WhatsApp. When in doubt if the place where you wish to park your vehicle is allowed or not by sending a message with the current location, exact addresses or street intersections.

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