WhatsApp launches a chatbot against disinformation about COVID-19

WhatsApp has launched the Spanish version of the chatbot created by the International Data Verification Network (IFCN), which allows you to check whether information about the coronavirus has been classified as false.

This chatbot – a computer program with which you can have a conversation – wants to pursue disinformation, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the instant messaging service explains in a statement.

The tool was presented in English at the beginning of the month and has now been adapted for the Spanish-speaking public by the Argentine organization Chequeado.

Through it, WhatsApp users can check “easily” whether information about COVID-19 has been classified as false by any of the independent verifiers that make up the IFCN.

Currently, it contains in Spanish more than 850 discredited hoaxes, identified by 15 verification organizations from eight Latin American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela).

In addition, new content found in the LatamChequea Coronavirus database is added every day, adds the note.

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When the service is activated, which is free, the system locates the user’s country of origin to provide the closest data verification organizations.

The user can send information directly to his local verifier for review or visit his website for more details on information circulating in his country.

The IFCN bot “is simply a way to provide WhatsApp users with a contact with verifiers and give them access to a database where you can search for discredited hoaxes about the coronavirus,” the statement said.

The verifiers included in the IFCN bot directory “can only see the messages sent directly to them, and they cannot see, monitor or delete content on WhatsApp”, since the messages are protected with end-to-end encryption .

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